Sanofi US Policy on Advertising

Jan 1, 2013

Sanofi is a global healthcare leader, focused on serving the needs of patients and consumers through a diversified offering of medicines, consumer healthcare products, generics and animal health products. We frequently use advertising in mass media to raise awareness of our products and services. On occasion, Sanofi US receives communications from individuals or special interest groups expressing concern not on the content of our own advertising but with content printed or broadcast by the media organization where we advertise.

At Sanofi US, decisions about advertising are never undertaken as an endorsement or non-endorsement of editorial content of a given program. Rather, our purpose in advertising is to provide important information to patients and consumers so they can make informed decisions about our products. This is the basis on which we make decisions about media placement. In most cases, advertising is purchased based on the demographics of the audiences we can potentially reach. Broadcast advertising, for example, is typically purchased in broad timeslots; we rarely purchase ads based on individual programs.

Sanofi US supports PhRMA’s revised Guiding Principles regarding pharmaceutical advertising which includes 18 specific guidelines for consumer advertising to educate, inform and foster patient-physician relationships.